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Cover Me--Again

 So this.

When February rolls around (believe me, I can wait), it will mark five wacky years of adventure in self-publishing.

So for giggles, because I'm not busy enough, I think--what a great time to design new covers and spruce up the book interiors and change the name of my first series!

I think the hardest redoing all this was coming up with a new series name. So why bother, you ask?

Well, I thought it might offer wider appeal to a larger group of people. Don't get me wrong. These are romance novels, but they're also adventure stories, paranormal stories, alternate history stories, and not to mention, humorous stories. In the end, it all boils down to Guardian involvement (largely on Basil Tinwhistle's behalf), so I thought,  yep, this is exactly the sort of thing he would chronicle.

Not a lot of change between the covers, so don't go thinking I've messed anything up. But you know what, always worth the read. If you liked the Heckmasters and you haven't read my steampunk-ish, fantasy-like, alternate history world because you're thinking, that's too romancy or it's too sci-fi-y, you're missing out.

I especially adore the third book because I brought everyone together for a giant, horrible monster reunion. How can you not want to read that? Plus, Basil's bowler hat = perfection.

Now, you had your chance to get them for 99 cents each with the old covers. I've popped them up to 2.99 each, but you can still get them free on Kindle Unlimited.

What are you waiting for?

*Note: As of this posting, the old covers are still showing up on Amazon. However, they are uploaded on the Kindle changes-maker part, so you should (don't make me a liar, Amazon) get the new covers.

Get them now or tell a friend:
The Treasure Hunter's Lady
The Sky Pirate's Wife
The Turncoat's Temptress

And keep your eyeballs peeled, because in September, for the first time ever, you're going to be able to get the fourth book--The Siren's Sword. I'll let you know when.


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